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Our vision is for a better world​

The divorce rate has risen to an unacceptable high. Social problems increase as families are torn apart. Poor mate selection coupled with limited personal free time required to develop a healthy social life has lead to poor consequences.


The demands of societal pressure and no quality avenue for meeting Christian singles can make relationship building seem hopeless. 

Believer's Connection Singles is the organization to bring life to this area, providing the missing link in a believer's life's. BC Singles was established to bridge the gap between unsuccessful relationships and relationships built on a foundation of biblical principles, one's identity in Christ, and inner purpose and destiny.

A Date in the Forest

Don't get blind sided by someone's goodwill meaning in a relationship without the tools to BE well.


Who are we​

Believer's Connection is a singles group united in the foundation of our faith.​​

The majority of Christians are in search of an organization where they are able to meet and associate with other like-minded believers, learn and confirm their understanding of biblical principles and have the opportunity to develop successful relationships​​​.

Our Quality System

BC Singles provides an online fellowship that provides preparation and transformative training through our QUALITY course system. Our 3 prong system guides members to heal unresolved issues of past and present, establishing healthy heart models and become whole for a future marriage. 


Don't be blind sided by someone's will to do well in marriage without the tools to BE well.

Learn the tools needed to navigate and eliminate good talking points from real love rooted in Gods unconditional place of healing. Our quality course system consist of three major factors: 


BE healed 

BE healed course guides our members to self evaluate, identify, and understand the God of hope and healing towards wholeness. 


BE ready 

BE ready course guides our members through self preparation spiritually, mentally,  physically and financially for optimal success for a healthy marriage 

Wedding Ceremony

BE united 

BE united course guides our members through a comprehensive pre marriage training to establish healthy marriage models. By having the right tools  you'll enjoy the vulnerability and love that comes from understanding your spouse in marriage


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