WHY JOIN BC Singles? 

In our society, Christian's make it a priority to educate themselves on skills related to their field of study or career progression. BC Singles believes that spiritual and relationship development should be just as important!


BC Singles upholds a mission to educate each member on skills related to:

- Life purpose and passion

- Relationship principles


BC Singles is always in search for those individuals with the above goals in mind.​In addition, BC Singles provides a trendy and professional environment healthy for successful relationship building. 

Core Mission 

Believer’s Connection is designed to impact and enhance member lives spiritually, emotionally and socially by establishing an environment for Christian believers to learn and develop successful relationship skills and principles.


BC Singles provides preparation and transformative training through our QUALITY course system. Our 3 prong system guides members to heal unresolved issues of the past and present, establishing healthy heart models towards becoming whole for a future marriage. 


Don't be blind sided by someone's will to do well in marriage without the tools to BE well.

Learn the tools needed to navigate and eliminate good talking points vs. real love rooted in Christ.

Believer's Connection Singles